Reference Page

I woke up this morning at, I don’t know, 4:30 or so, and this idea popped in my head. Create a page that I can refer to when I can’t remember what an adage or a aphorism is, or what is the difference?

More often than not, I cannot recall what the differences are between all the different English terms that I refer to in my Quotoons. And then, when I do a search online, I find some of the definitions are nebulous or not always correct, or spun in some way. So why not just create a page of my own that defines them all and put them all in one spot.

All that being said, I hope I don’t come off as propagating that my definitions will be the “overall, end all” of definitions. Not at all. And I would encourage anyone to send me a message should I need correction Contact.

It is merely a “reference” for me and for my viewers should I or you /they have a question or questions about what is, what is the difference, or is it at all?


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