Bread always falls on it's buttered side. - English Proverb

Bread Always Falls on it’s Butter Side.

English Proverb This proverb is an expression of a pessimistic view of life.  If something goes wrong, the worst possible outcome often will probably happen. Apparently, there is a “Buttered Toast Phenomenon” and there are some attempts at explaining the proverb scientifically. If you had the time and wherewithal to test this phenomenon, how many …

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Pollanna - An excessively optimistic person


Adjective / Noun The definition of a Pollyanna is a person characterized by irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything. It was coined from the 1913 novel by Eleanor H. Porter called, “Pollyanna” wherein the main character was unfailingly optimistic. Movies were made and the novel is considered a children’s classic. The question is, …

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